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Frequently Asked Questions About Vaping

what are e-cigarettes, vaporizers and e-liquid?

A vaporizer is a type of electronic smoking device.

Vaporizers are made up of 3 main components: a tank, a battery and an atomizer.
The battery powers the atomizer
The tank holds the e-juice
The atomizer heats up the e-juice to the point of vaporization

E-juice, e-liquid or vape juice is the liquid that comes in many different flavors that is put in to the vaporizer’s tank that gets heated and inhaled.
E-liquids generally consist of propylene glycol (PG) or vegetable glycerin (VG) or both. A combination of the vegetable glycerin or/and the propylene glycol with naturals or artificial flavors are used to create those unique and exotic flavors.
The e-liquid can contain nicotine, and most e-juice is available with a range of nicotine levels to allow people switching from smoking cigarettes to reduce or eliminate their usual nicotine intake.

Does it feels the same to use a vaporizer as opposed to smoking cigarettes?

The answer is yes and no. The idea behind a vaporizer stays the same, inhaling nicotine through the mouth but there are various differences and switching to a vaporizer can help you reduce or eliminate the amount of nicotine. A wide variety of e-juices flavors are also available for a great vaping experience.

What's in my e-juice?

You will find in most e-juices a combination of 4 main ingredients:

  • Distilled water, sometimes used to dilute if needed.
  • Flavor, 10%-20%
  • Nicotine, 0%-2.4% depending on strength
  • Propylene glycol (PG) or vegetable glycerin (VG) or both

Our shop carries a wide variety of e-juices (Atomic Vapor, Van Mist, Jimi’s, Imorrality, Twelve Monlkeys). We are proud to carry Atomic Vapor E-liquids that are handcrafted in Canada on Vancouver Island and are all natural, and made with organic ingredients.

Can you e-smoke anywhere in BC?

E-cigarettes (also called electronic cigarette, e-cigs, vapes, vaporizers) are at this time in Canada, legal to use as individuals. In Bc, for the moment there are currently no laws against vaping with an electronic cigarette in public places including restaurants and bars, hotels unless specified by the individual establishement.

But it is alway polite to ask for permission before using you vaporizer in any indoor public area.

How do I refill my vaporizer tank?

When you get your first electronic cigarette device, it is always good to discover how it works and how to remove the tank from the atomizer.

You can remove the tank by easily unscrewing it. Now that the tank is removed, you will notice a small center tube. Don’t put your e-liquid into this tube. You should instead fill towards the side of the tank. Place the bottle of e-juice at an angle so that the tip avoids coming into contact with the center of the tube. With the bottle at an angle, you can ensure that the e-juice will run down the sides and into the tank as it should. Don’t fill your tank past the indicated amount in the instructions that came with your kit. Overfilling it can cause your vaporizer to leak or stop functioning properly. After you put the juice into the tank, screw the tank back onto the atomizer. Allow it to soak into the core for a few minutes, especially if it is your first time filling up your vaporizer. This will help the flavor saturate the core. Now, Enjoy!

What is variable voltage/wattage?

Variable voltage/wattage is an advanced technique in electronic cigarette that allows vapers to manually adjust the heat of their atomizer. This process can improves the overall quality of the e-vaping experience by bringing out the strengths of certain flavors when vaporized at various temperatures.

The use of variable voltage/wattage vaporizers requires some knowledge of amps, resistance levels and watts. Before attempting it on your own, learn about how variable voltage/wattage works.

Still have more questions?

Please contact us if you have any other questions or come visit our shop located in Westshore, Victoria, BC.