Open Monday
10am - 6pm
New Location

Great New Location!

We’ve moved to #109 – 1790 Island Highway
Behind 7-11 and next to Subway.


New to Vaping?

Here, is a few videos that will help you get started with vaping.

Beginners's Guide to Vaping

If you are a beginner to vaping and you are switching from tobacco to vaping, this video is made for you. It will take you through all the basics steps of vaping so you can have an amazing experience.

How to Inhale/Exhale Vapor?

If you just started vaping or you are about to start, you will notice that inhaling and exhaling is very different from smoking a cigarette. This video wil give you some tips on how to easily and properly inhale and exhale vapor.

Vaping Trick: The Dragon

Now, that you are a real expert at vaping, here is a video that will show you a vape trick: The Dragon.