Lumia GS Ego 2 – 2200mAh


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* Newest Lumia design and high quality * EGO / 510 connection * Battery capacity: 2200mAh * Battery safety: 5 times click on/off * Charging time: 4-5 hours * Life of battery: recharge up to 300 times * Full battery is good for up to 2000 puffs * Battery size: 93.5*18.5mm(L*D) * Weight: 65g Large capacity will last a long time between charges. Individual battery life is dependent upon usage. These batteries have a safety switch that will de-activate the button so that the battery can be stored without accidently being activated. Simply press the battery button 5 times and the battery will be de-activated. Press 5 more times to re-activate it for normal operation.